What Is Satanism?

Your First The Satanic Bible

The Satanic Bible by Anton Szandor LaVey

Acquiring The Satanic Bible

Locating a copy of The Satanic Bible is trivial. Church of Satan always has the most current links in their print sources. Many common retail outlets carry the title. You can always find it via HarperCollins Publishers and common online book retailers. For your convenience you can follow the Amazon link above. There are no legitimate electronic versions available. If you are eager to consume media electronically then Church of Satan has published lengthy tomes online for your perusal.

The form most individuals are familiar with is the trade paperback that is nearly identical to its original release by Avon (HarperCollins). Small enough to fit in a coat pocket or purse during flights or daily commutes, and cheap enough to risk being misplaced or dog eared, this diminutive format is highly convenient for Satanists and inquirers. Do not let its modesty fool you.

Anton Szandor LaVey's 1969 CE (AS IV) published work is the authoritative source of Satanism. No text before it, and none since, have codified Satanism into an actual practice for consumption by the entire world. This is what separates Church of Satan above the Hellfire clubs, Christian zealots, fictional authors, and attention seekers throughout the years. Since 1966 CE (AS I), Church of Satan has upheld Anton Szandor LaVey's vision and is the authoritative source of Satanism.

Understanding Influences

Readers will find two very common links to two very common texts: Objectivism and Might Is Right. Review what Magister Nemo has written about Objectivism. Review what Anton Szandor LaVey wrote during an interview of a re-release of Might Is Right.

We would certainly encourage readers to discover Ayn Rand on their own if they are unfamiliar. Might Is Right is in the public domain and can be found relatively easily, if the reader desires, with the forewarning of its distastefulness.

Detractors eager to discredit the entire work often bank entirely on these two links as if they are some inaccessible tomes that individuals couldn't have sought out themselves. There is no question that significant portions of Might Is Right are present. There is no question that Ayn Rand was an influence. Discovering these texts and drawing their own conclusion is an exercise left for the reader: an exercise in philosophy. The world is significantly different than the period this diabolical volume was authored. A Satanist uses the tools available to them to research and create their own conclusions when in doubt.

The Satanic Bible stands as a unique philosophy built by Anton Szandor LaVey more than 50 years ago.

Understanding Satanic Context

While reading the nearly 50 year old title there is no question that some will be (rightly) offended by an all-out onslaught of diabolical concepts in opposition to common dogma across many different religions and traditions. Congratulations to those individuals freeing themselves from those very shackles. Shame to the individual still trapped in fairytale dogma that believes Satanism involves any forms of ritual abuse. Shame to those emotionally irritated because their cherished "white magic" pentagram appears "inverted" to them.

1960s America is a well known period of drastic change. A review of Religion in Post-World War II America should give context to the state of affairs surrounding Anton Szandor LaVey. Attempts at reaffirming Christianity, establishing Eastern mysticism, adopting alternative religions were plentiful. Anton Szandor LaVey was generous with his distate of people clamoring to be saddled with new dogma and shame. Satanism, from its inception, is unabashed freedom.

Some individuals, unfortunately, will attempt to shoehorn modern politics into the dialog of the text in attempts to discredit the work. Concepts ranging from feminism, individual freedoms, sexuality, tangential comparisons to fascism, and more have all been used at various times in vain attempts at intellectualism. Like so many other forms of classic wisdom, it is a trivial exercise to cherry-pick selections of a title to leverage into "flavor of the week" buzzword fueled chains of inane arguments. A Satanist is capable of evaluating the volume, understanding context or at least reserving personal offense on cursory readings, to identify those parts that relate to themselves in timeless wisdoms.

This is in no way an attempt to apologize or insist that individuals be apologetic for topics they may find personally intimidating. Again, a Satanist can evaluate this material within personal perspectives and the modern world. As a more than 50 year old institution, you will find some topics already addressed by long standing members and new members alike.

Complete context of the vision for Satanism has been maintained by Church of Satan members. High Priest Magus Peter H. Gilmore continues to develop and publish new material on Satanic thought in modern dialog. Preserve American Secularism, released in late October of 2017, is Satanic thought leveraged directly at those who wish to enforce their religious wills at Americans.

Cheap detractors suspend their own reasoning, or simply are not capable of common reasoning, to seek their own goals. Simultaneously, the general consensus of colloquial English and the definition of terms may change. The core of Satanism unapologetically does not, but instead continues to evolve in spite of self-imposed ignorance by other people.

Your Responsibilities

If you find yourself identifying and understanding the material in The Satanic Bible the next logical step is to further investigate whether membership in the Church of Satan is right for you. If exposure to Satanism is distasteful to you then set the volume down and continue your life knowing the truth about the volume.

Church of Satan has a lengthy list of titles you may also enjoy. Satan Speaks! is an entertaining read introducing the reader to Anton Szandor LaVey and the contexts of Satanism. The Satanic Scriptures are a continuation of Satanic thought by High Priest Magus Peter H. Gilmore.

After your journey through Satanism, you may even consider learning about and participating in The Greater Satanic Conversation, an initiative by Reverend Campbell, to help others cut through the subterfuge around Satanism.

For your entertainment, you can find a list of real live (sometimes nude) Satanists in feeds available here.