What Is Satanism?

Chat With Bot LaVey

Version 0.02

Ever want a disembodied Satanist as an artificial human companion?

The most Satanic sources that could be diabolically scoured together, tossed into a hellish twisting vortex, and distilled into a chat bot you can talk to.

Version 0.02

Unfortunately, the language processing was too costly to keep performant. The bot has received a significant lobotomy.

Tell me about Satanism.
Satanism also sanctions any fetish or deviation which will enhance your sex-life, and stop the way of them that strive against you, and your spirit-shall live not in an intangible paradise, but in the watery blood of your impotent mad redeemer, and by those who most unctuously preach the rules of fair play!

At this time the chat bot is no longer available. Look for a relaunch in the future!

This bot is for entertainment purposes only. Responses are machine generated and most likely nonsensical.