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Our content is for entertainment purposes. We would appreciate any conflicting information being pointed out to us. Church of Satan is the authority on Satanism. Please do not assume any information here supplants or amends information provided by Church of Satan. We do not intend to be rivals to Church of Satan. We do not intend to mock Church of Satan.

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See what Magus Peter H. Gilmore has to say about Myth of the 'Satanic Community' and other Virtual Delusions. Bold and italicized text below is sourced from the link above. Standard text is any response we at What Is Satanism? may have.

'There is no “Satanic Community” nor should one ever exist. Re-read the line until it begins to sink in.”'


'If you do agree with Satanism as formulated by Anton LaVey and you have a website, just put up a link to the official Church of Satan site (www.churchofsatan.com). You don’t have to be a member to link to us. Let your own site be a reflection of yourself, an exploration of things that you enjoy and admire, things about which you are so passionate that you are becoming an expert in them (other than Satanism). Then you might discuss how Satanism is a natural outgrowth of your individuality, and how it has helped you in your pursuits. Finally, send your audience on over to our site to get all the basic material. Isn’t that easy?'

Magus Peter H. Gilmore, Myth of the 'Satanic Community' and other Virtual Delusions

We wholy agree and believe we have done the job as poignantly and elegantly stated. There is a subtle meta here as our expertise is in interactive media. The maintainers of this site are professionals in their own fields expressing a creative outlet. It is significantly easier to plaster ads on blogs about hot-button political subjects than to even consider using this website as a way to ride Church of Satan's coat tails to success. Please understand that is not our goal.


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