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Satanism begins with Anton Szandor LaVey and the original Church of Satan. There is no better place to begin your inquiry. The Origin of Satanism contains a brief summary.

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The Accusation Network’s Latest Podcast: Vintage Vinyl...

    The Accusation Network’s Latest Podcast: Vintage Vinyl Vivisection  Vintage Vinyl Vivisection (or, V3 for short) takes you under the skin and straight to the meat of classic heavy metal and hard rock albums. No out-of-touch hipster nonsense or irrelevant political banter here. Just straight talk on records we all know and (mostly) love, brought to you by those who know what they’re actually talking about. Genre-related tangents will also occur.   Joining us in studio for the inaugural episode is Mr. John Shaw (www.isatanist.com) as he and Magister Matt Paradise talk about the third studio album from Def Leppard — Pyromania. Discussion includes album charting, the making of the album, replacing a guitar player, the cover art, and the three standout tracks, as well as Pyromania’s wide appeal and more. But, since it’s never just about the album, you’ll also gain insight on Matt’s fledgling video editing efforts, how metal gets you all the girls, who started the rise of pop metal, “doing it” songs, selling out, John’s Def Lep triangle theory, totally weird ‘80s music videos, and modern kids who need to not be boring. Show theme and additional music provided by Gyps Fulvus (www.gypsfulvus.net).Download or stream episode 1 here: http://accusationnetwork.com/2018/07/17/v3ep1-pyromania/Find V3 on social media and SHARE: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!  This podcast is part of The Accusation Network, a division of Purging Talon. Website: www.accusationnetwork.com  
via Church of Satan, 2018-07-18

Let’s Get to Know Jason Voorhees, Part 3 (The Final...

   Let’s Get to Know Jason Voorhees,  Part 3 (The Final Chapter) Join your host Texxx and Warlock Robert Leuthold as they discuss the last four films in the Friday the 13th series. 
via Church of Satan, 2018-07-15

TRISKAIDEKAPHILIACS REJOICE! Today is the second “Friday the...

   TRISKAIDEKAPHILIACS REJOICE! Today is the second “Friday the 13th” of 2018. As keen observers of those around us, we Satanists enjoy the consternation this number conjures amongst the superstitious. On this “dreaded day,” while the credulous cower we sally forth to indulge with brazen gusto for we know that luck is ours to create as we move the world according to our will.   May your day be truly splendid with an even more enriching night, dear aficionados of the outré!  —Magus Peter H. Gilmore
via Church of Satan, 2018-07-13

Speak of the Devil: Jess HessFriday, July 13th / 8pm MSTLive on...

   Speak of the Devil: Jess HessFriday, July 13th / 8pm MSTLive on YouTubeSpeak of the Devil - Reverend Campbell interviews Jess Hess. She’s a talented photographer with an eye for classical drama. She’s creative as Hell and presents a clear appreciation for personal aesthetics in her compositions. Lets find out what motivates her, who her influences are… and why not talk about Satan along the way?You can learn more about her photography on her website WurmwoodPhotography.com and you can find her on  Facebook.com/WurmwoodPhotos  and Instagram.com/WurmwoodPhotography.Sign Up to the Email List.Subscribe to the YouTube Channel.Give a Rating & Review.Become a patron of Speak of the Devil!Hail Satan!—Reverend Campbell
via Church of Satan, 2018-07-13