What Is Satanism?

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Satanism begins with Anton Szandor LaVey and the original Church of Satan. There is no better place to begin your inquiry. The Origin of Satanism contains a brief summary.

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A diabolical calendar for the year LVI Anno Satanas, The Legend of Devil Lake. Devil Lake seems an idyllic location at first glance, but when the sun goes down, and night spreads its cloak across the land, all manner of darksome legend emerges to terrify and tantalize…Seasons In Hell Poetic Horror Anthology by Draconis Blackthorne. Shadow […]
via Church of Satan, 2021-01-23

Count MoriVond reads from THE SATANIC SCRIPTURES

From the Draconian Radio Broadcast Pulpit with Count MoriVond, we delve deeper into The Satanic Scriptures with a reading from the essay “Pervasive Pantywaistism.” Here Magus Gilmore addresses the enfeebled, sensitive lots and the coddling culture that caters to their frailty. Is Elitism fascist? Are Satanists fascists? Here the High Priest of the Church of Satan, […]
via Church of Satan, 2021-01-22

CARDONE—Behind the Devil’s Curtain Episode VII: Lessons in Lycanthropy

Learn how to become a werewolf… not kidding! January 22, 8:00 PM EST.  
via Church of Satan, 2021-01-22

Never Have I Ever – Episode 002

Join Tonight Friday, 22 January at 6pm MST Live on YouTube     Speak of the Devil presents Never Have I Ever: Satanist Edition – Episode 002. This delicious episode features Panelists Reverend Campbell, Satanist Erin Lynn, Warlock Jeff Bowling, and 3 live chat Audience Assistants. ‘Never Have I Ever‘ is the latest game show […]
via Church of Satan, 2021-01-22

STAND ALONE SA1175 | Hyde Park Orator Illustrated | Bonar Thompson & Trevor Blake

“A cynic’s book that annoyed me.” – Leeds Mercury. Bonar Thompson, the famous Hyde Park Orator, delighted millions of listeners at the well-known meeting-ground for many years with his dramatic personality and oratorical flights. This book, which is the story of his life, is a veritable human document. Born in Ulster to poor parents, left to […]
via Church of Satan, 2021-01-20