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Satanism begins with Anton Szandor LaVey and the original Church of Satan. There is no better place to begin your inquiry. The Origin of Satanism contains a brief summary.

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Is Abortion A Satanic Sacrament?

A political activist group best known for “punking” journalists and politicians via high profile publicity stunts has today announced that abortion is a “Sacrament of Satanism” and thus protected by the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. This claim is both false and dangerous. Anyone familiar with the lunatic rantings of daytime talk show hosts during the […]
via Church of Satan, 2020-08-05

The Metal Grotto 084: “Hidden Blackness”

“Despite others’ attempts to identify a certain number with Satan, it will be known than Nine is His number. Nine is the number of the Ego, for it always returns to itself. No matter what is done through the most complex multiplication of Nine by any other number, in the end the final equation nine […]
via Church of Satan, 2020-08-04

Vox Satanae – Episode 483 – Week of August 03, 2020: Music of the Æther

Vox Satanae – Episode 483 – 162 Minutes – Week of August 03, 2020 Music of the Æther This week we hear works by Charles Koechlin, Bohuslav Martinů, Anis Fuleihan, André Jolivet, Olivier Messiaen, and Howard Shore. Stream Vox Satanae Episode 483. Download Vox Satanae Episode 483.
via Church of Satan, 2020-08-03

Vox Satanae – Episode 482 – Week of July 27, 2020: The House of Atreus

Vox Satanae – Episode 482 – 125 Minutes – Week of July 27, 2020 The House of Atreus This week we hear works by Hector Berlioz, Vittorio Gnecchi, Louis Andriessen, Mikis Theodorakis, Richard Strauss, Christoph Willibald von Gluck, and Sergei Taneyev. Stream Vox Satanae Episode 482. Download Vox Satanae Episode 482.
via Church of Satan, 2020-07-27

Āter – Strontroaper Van Abjille (Lyric Video)

E.P. with 4 page booklet available through pm of the page or through atermadness@gmail.com, wire transfer or paypal. Now available seperate or in limited full package deal with some discounts! Cd: Āter: Vullighied with 4 page booklet: €8Patch: Āter shield logo, iron or sew, high quality patch!: €5,50Stickers: for both shield and full logo stickers: […]
via Church of Satan, 2020-07-27