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Satanism begins with Anton Szandor LaVey and the original Church of Satan. There is no better place to begin your inquiry. The Origin of Satanism contains a brief summary.

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EXQUISITE EQUINOX! The seasonal pivot point occurs today and...

   EXQUISITE EQUINOX! The seasonal pivot point occurs today and many Satanists mark that change as we feel at one with the Earth and its continuing cycles. In the Northern Hemisphere Spring arrives, replacing the Winter’s desolation with renewed life surging in triumphant burgeoning. In the Southern Hemisphere, the glory of Autumn shall soon cast its soothing spell after the fiery blasts of Summer, presaging the coming harvest with all of its fertile abundance.Here in the haunted Hudson Valley, Winter has been lobbing nor’easters our way, with the fourth due tomorrow. This extended coda to the season has brought us more snowfall than the prior month’s tallies combined.   As a tonic, one might want to experience Stravinsky’s masterpiece The Right of Spring as it conjures the shattering of the frigid season’s strictures via the violent renewal of growth. I shall be hearing it live in mid April as part of an all Stravinsky concert, performed by The Orchestra Now at Bard College.So, seize this glorious day to celebrate the wonders of Nature as we are part of its boundless mysteries.Hail Satan!—Magus Peter H. Gilmore
via Church of Satan, 2018-03-20

Vox Satanae - Episode 384 This week we hear works by Bartolomé...

   Vox Satanae - Episode 384 This week we hear works by Bartolomé de Escobedo, Jan Sweelinck, Johann Schobert, Jan Dussek, Ignacy Dobrzyński, Alexander Glazunov, and Charles Wuorinen with performances by The Westminster Cathedral Choir, James O'Donnell, The Netherlands Chamber Choir, Philippe Herreweghe, Chiara Banchini, Véronique Méjean, Philipp Bosbach, Luciano Sgrizzi, Andreas Staier, The Camerata String Quartet, The Russian National Orchestra, Mikhail Pletnev, and The Group for Contemporary Music.  Download episode 384
via Church of Satan, 2018-03-19

Speak of the Devil: Racism, Bigotry & Hate Wednesday, March...

   Speak of the Devil: Racism, Bigotry & Hate Wednesday, March 21st / 8pm MST on Facebook Live. Speak of the Devil—Reverend Campbell discusses Racism, Bigotry & Hate with Citizen Texxx. We will explore why it’s okay to denigrate one subsection of a species like ‘the herd’ in general, and political or social groups but not other subsections like ethnicity, sexual preference, or gender identity? How do Satanists deal with racism, bigotry and hate? Is it okay at all? Join Live with your comments and questions!Sign Up to the Email ListSubscribe to the YouTube ChannelGive a Rating & ReviewHail Satan!—Reverend Campbell
via Church of Satan, 2018-03-19

Darren Deicide and The Wedding Funeral: Jersey Juke Invasion...

   Darren Deicide and The Wedding Funeral:  Jersey Juke Invasion Tour Darren Deicide and The Wedding Funeral announce the Jersey Juke Invasion Tour, April 5th-April 21 , 2018. The tour will coincide with the Mississippi Juke Joint Festival and span Maryland, Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, and South Carolina. The tour is in celebration of the new releases, Beneath the Floor Boards (Covered in Feces) by The Wedding Funeral and The Blues Non Est Mortuum by Darren Deicide, and will feature performances by both projects.Darren Deicide is an internationally touring, alternative punk-blues musician and a maverick of outsider roots music that acknowledges diabolical traditions while treading its own path through the contemporary world. Together with choral-trained Ethel Lynn Oxide they form The Wedding Funeral. Using vernacular and primitive instruments, including musical saw and 3-string diddley bow, The Wedding Funeral weave tradition with contemporary gothic sensibilities to create a sound that has been described in reviews as “haunting and alluring all at once.” For a full schedule of show details, visit darrendeicide.com and theweddingfuneral.com.—Darren Deicide
via Church of Satan, 2018-03-17