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Satanism begins with Anton Szandor LaVey and the original Church of Satan. There is no better place to begin your inquiry. The Origin of Satanism contains a brief summary.

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Reverend A.W. Storm Anderson on OCULUS ALCHEMY

Oculus Alchemy is a brand new cable access television show that “explores art, truth, and magic” with Host, Judy Pisciotta. In its premier episode, Reverend A.W. Storm Anderson is interviewed in the second segment about his dark and witchy artworks, his book, “365 Days of Halloween”, and his sigil tattoos that he magically charges in […]
via Church of Satan, 2022-08-09

Vox Satanae – Episode #550: 17th-20th Centuries – Week of 2022 August 08

Vox Satanae – Episode #550 17th-20th Centuries We hear works by Duarte Lôbo, Johann Philipp Krieger, Giuseppe Sarti, Joseph Lanner, Arrigo Boito, Tālivaldis Ķeniņš, and Gavin Bryars. 149 Minutes – Week of 2022 August 08 Stream Vox Satanae Episode 550. Download Vox Satanae Episode 550.
via Church of Satan, 2022-08-08

In Memoriam: Nichelle Nichols (1932-2022)

I am truly sad to report that Nichelle Nichols has left this Earthly realm. Her character on Star Trek, Nyota Uhura, was an icon for me from my childhood, when I breathlessly watched her on the premiere episodes of the original series. Here was a lovely, effective, and integral member of the crew, fourth in […]
via Church of Satan, 2022-08-01

Paranormal Brew interviews the Satanic Skeptic

Wednesday 8/3 at 7:30 PM EST, JD Sword “the Satanic Skeptic” will be interviewed LIVE on Paranormal Brew! Follow this link to hear the discussion.
via Church of Satan, 2022-07-29

The Devil in the Details: Episode 20—Kookcytus, or, Where Neo-Nazis and Devil Worshippers Meet

On this episode, the Satanic Skeptic investigates a Devil worshipping neo-Nazi group calling themselves the Order of Nine Angles and their ties to the Alt-Right. While a minority among the extremist fringe, the Order of Nine Angles has been linked to several attempted terrorist attacks and actual homicides. Just how dangerous are their adherents? Listen […]
via Church of Satan, 2022-07-29